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Super slow connect speed



Hi, my dial up connects me at an average of 26-28 Kbps
and not a bit faster. I moved to what is considered a
"rural area" and the phone lines are ancient with no
plans from the telephone company to replace them soon.

The phone lines are Analog, and there is a loss of
attenuation as it comes down the line into the house.

I have a v.92 modem on both computers and run XP.

I have done the following to try to connect faster:

Had a new drop wire from the over head lines to the house.

Had a new phone box wired where the drop wire comes in.

Had all new phone jacks put in, inside the house.

Tried major ISP's, all gave me a slow connect.

Looked for an updated V.92 driver, none out yet.

Configured my Modem speed to maximum.

Am I stuck with this slow connect? Due to financial
constraints, I can't go to DSL, etc. as in my industry
I'm subject to lay-offs and just got back to work
after almost 6 months of unemployment.
(I try and keep the bills to a minimum)

Thanks in advance. :) "laptop"


ring up your phone company and see if they do signal amplification (if they haven't already) for your line.

In australia, thats what i did to get a few more kbps.
chances are that is the fastest you will get. I should know as I have tried every trick in the book. Till the phone company decides to upgrade the lines and depending on how far you are away from the central office you will never connect above 28800. You may check to make sure there is no excess noise on your line. If there is complain to the phone company. Noise is the greatest deterent for slow speeds other than the length from the c.o.


Thanks for the replies, I think I may be stuck at this
slow connect speed. The newest ISP supports the
V.92 modem and it's still slow.

I am going to call the phone company and
see what can be done, as there is noise
on the lines. I bet though they will tell
me it's the internal wiring in my house
as they like to pass the buck on problems.

I downloaded this free (no spyware) download
manager program and I did increase the speed
on a big download I took last night.


The phone lines here won't be replaced
for a long, long time and the line man once
told me too that if a line has a split or a
crack in it 1/4th mile away I will lose speed.

Maybe my lotto ticket will win this Saturday
and I can move. :D


For anyone reading this thread who has a slow
connect speed, read this thread (see link below)


dealer posted a free download program (no spyware)
and the program speeds up web page opening
like you wouldn't believe!!

It's called fastnet 99 and tell all your friends
and family to get it. :)

Thanks again dealer, I'm smiling now instead
of clenching my teeth in frustration waiting
and waiting and waiting for a website to open. :D

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