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super low score in 3dmark01

Ok so i'm thinking a 7,000 score on 3Dmark01 is low for having a fx5900xt oc. i tried the nvidia 61.76 drivers and the 61.77. if you know why my scores are so low please PLEASE help me.

my setup
AMD64 3200+
Gigabyte K8NS-Pro
BFG GeforceFX 5900XT oc
1GB Corsair XMS PC3200XLPRO Low Latency.


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do you have the latest drivers for your chipset? and what settings are you running the benchmark with in your video cards control panel and the benchmark settings?

more info would be helpful...

you should get around 13-15k I think just with that cpu pushing you..
i figured it out. i guess for some reason i never installed GART with the chipset drivers and the card was running PCI instead of AGP(dont ask, i dont know :p) so i just uninstalled all chipset and video drivers and reinstalled everything and i just bench'd it and got 16647. thanks for the help though :D

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