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Sunbelt / Kerio Personal Firewall


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Hi there .. I'm wandering if any current sunbelt / kerio personal firewall users out there could provide me with some feedback on how is the software doing now? Is it good? What about the resources or performance? Or any other recommendations?


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I have been using it for about 2 years now (have tried others during this time but always gone back)and never had a problem, except for when I was first using it and it took ages for the gui to load up when using a torrent program at the same time. I wouldn't hesitate using it


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I've been using Kerio long before it was taken over by Sunbelt and though I've tried others (ZA, Sygate, Outpost, to name a few) I've always come back.

The only issue I've had is with a utorrent/kerio/portforwarding combo. I've always had to disable kerio for it to turn kerio off to use utorrent effectively.

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