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I wish to put forward some suggestions:

1. Try to make the height of your Signature(graphic) a little shorter. If it is long its OK.

2. The descriptions of your system in three or four lines - try to spread it to the right side of the posting.

3. Have your signature appear only once per thread.

4. Kindly inform the members where you are located, instead of just USA, UK, Israel and such., please indicate the city and state. It would pleased to know where these posting originated.

Your kind cooperation in the above matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.:D


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
1+2 ) there are already rules about how big sigs can be

3) don't think it can be done

4)why does it matter which town some one is from. As it is members can put whatever they like in their location


As a Moderator you sound very arrogant. It is people like you that slows down the Forum page from opening speedily. You can have your ways. Thank you.


Secret Goat Fetish
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wooo khayman is an amazing mod:D on 56k all sigs etc are fine because they load AFTER all of the posts. the text alway's loads first.then the sig's can take there time. some people don't like telling people were they live,i tell people exactly were i live down 2 a square km:p


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
Way to jump to massive conclusions. I was merely stating facts

again, there are guidelines on how big sigs can be. file size and dimensions. The current limits allow for the best balance of speed whilst still allowing graphics to look good.
Some people have their specs listed vertically. if the list is too long they will be asked to change it.
As a 56ker myself i can say i haven't had a problem with them

having the sig files displayed only once per thread will involve a substantial code change, and may not be possible at all. however i do not program the site and do not know for certain. It may be possible to have this option

We simply cannot make members put their location in if they don't want to

Please be assured your comments are welcomed and any valid comments/changes will be considered by the site Administrators. But you must understand we cannot make site wide changes just because one person wants them


Originally posted by MUSTANGPC
As a Moderator you sound very arrogant. It is people like you that slows down the Forum page from opening speedily. You can have your ways. Thank you.
That was out of line... You obviously didnt see the option to turn off signatures in the user control panel. Maybe you would want to try something like that. And other ppl can put what they want under their names in the forums. If that dosent meet to your specifications then we are truly sorry. :rolleyes:

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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The server that X-erience is on at the moment is a slow server, I think that we will move to a new/old fast server as soon as it is ready .
when we do, the pages will load much much faster.

As for the city i'm in : Karmiel.


BENNY - Thanks. As for PK, please check that my second posting, I had already turned off my SIG. It is just polite to know that a certain member is from a city which we are familiar with. That would make for a better rapport. Please don't get too carried away.:D

Electronic Punk

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As the administrator I am VERY arrogant, so arrogant as such I am not going to reply to this thread
[edit]**** too late[/edit]


All Concerned - I am sorry that I have been a little too harsh. Please accept my apology. Regards.:rolleyes:


Nissan Powered
**** piece of **** how can **** and then!! **** *** ****** who in the **** is gonna ****** do that!!!

p.s this is a joke soooooo chill

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