Suggestions? New at this OC Stuff

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by LoctOut, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. LoctOut

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    well, I have these three Athlon XP 1800+ CPUs and these MB's. All Boards have been updated to the latest Bios. Which cpu do ya'll think would be the best OC candidate and in which Board?

    1. AGKGA0142RPSW (OEM from local store sometime in 2001)

    2. AGOIA0229TPEN (just ordered from Monarch)

    3. AGOGA0202SPDW (OEM from local store in March)

    I have these motherboards

    1. ASUS A7M266

    2. ASUS A7V266-E

    3. ASUS A7V333

    4 Chaintech 7VJL

    Currently have the AGKGA Y cpu in the A7V333 MB, OC'd to 1724 with bus @300, Mult 11.5 Vcore 1.85 air cooled running 48C @ idle

    What do you think my next move should be?

  2. Ace123

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    ill tell you what dawg..... ill take one of those xp1800+s off your hands lol. anyays if that chaintech is the apogee id use it. if it inst then go for the a7v333. Either of these boards are very overclockable and offer a robust amount of options and features.
    Ill acctually buy the rest of the system parts from you at reasonable price (hehehehe) anyways next time you should include some info on the boards with maybe a few links as to incite other people to help you (i had to go to a little trouble finding specs on the boards from the websites) anyways go with the chaintech and some drr 2700 and overclock away (if you need help with that let me know.