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Suggestion for HD partition


just asking whats the best partition when you have a 40GB HD

and where will i put the Games.... im using windows XP

the specs are in my signature, except for that 80GB HD...

guys im just a newB for PC thing...
I think he means he doesnt have the 80 anymore - either way I wouldn't partition the 40Gb at all. I never do partition my drives unless they are large capacity.


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You are right the drive is too small, it would be a good idea to get another drive, so the 40Gb is just for the OS, so if anything happens you don't have to worry about your other data.


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If you ARE going to partition the drive, I would split it down the middle and go 20GB/20GB. This way you have ample space for games and data on the seperate partition.


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zandyrei said:
gusy im sorry.. can you teach me how to reformat?
Insert your XP disk let it boot it will give you an option to reformat (make sure you have your CD Key for Windows handy if you want to do this and most of all back up your important stuf to cdr or dvdr
Make sure you have all your Windows, Program and Hardware CD's before even thinking about reformatting. Note some computers like Dell, Compaq, HP do not come with driver and Windows CDs.

Step 1 - backup all your data. You should do this regularly anyway. WARNING! Downloaded music liscences must be backed up before formating or your music is lost forever.

Step 2 - Gather the Windows CD, the Windows key and all your hardware driver floppies/disks. If you don't have the disks find/download/burn copies of the drivers before you reformat. Make sure all disks are working and you have all your keys. It is best to make a slipstream copy of your windows with the service packs pre-installed. thsi will save you hours. The alternative is to download and burn a copy of the service packs before reformatting. Install from CD is a lot faster and more relaible than trusting to a download.

Step 3 - Make sure your bios is set to Boot From CDROM first.

Step 4 - insert the windows CD and reboot.
-When asked if you want to set up or repair, hit Enter to set up Windows.
-Read the license agreement and hit F8 if you agree.
-If the setup program detects an existing installation of Windows and asks if you want to repair it, hit Esc to skip the repair.
-The setup program will ask you where to install Windows. Highlight the existing "C: Partition1" partition and hit D to delete it. Hit L to confirm.
-Next, hit Enter to install Windows on the "Unpartitioned Space".
-Format the space as NTFS and continue the installation.

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