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Suggest A Good Music Program (PC)


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After Muzikools site, I want to get back into doing music again as i did in england, i used to use Cubase ( i think that was what it was called), is there anything like that, basically a program that you can create music on your pc?

well in searching i found cubase, i think i'm just going to go with that, who knows perhaps muzikool will have to save a slot for me.
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thanks KC, for the sound forge program, can i actually create music on the pc, or do i need to purchase instruments to record onto the product?


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I have worked with DJ computing, pretty much setting up computers for DJ's. Using many types of software, but most (any good ones) are over $40.

If you are interested in those types I will give you names and links.

Mixing and matching already made songs, Audicity of course.


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Yeah, SoundForge is primarily for editing, although I have done some tracks that I have recorded via a microphone. I have found from comparison however the sound quality of a track recorded via SoundForge is not as high as other programs, like Cake Walk for example as Petros suggested


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Has anyone here use cubase recently, its about $560 so $40 would be ok to :) i'll look at cakewalk

petros what do you do to work with sound forge all day?

edit: well i followed that MS link and it also touted cubase, i think thats what i am going to go for....

Thanks all
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I don't work with it all day anymore; most of what I use it for now is to make ringtones lol... When I worked in radio, though, I used it a ton to produce ads, PSAs, and liners.
Once again, I second Audacity... For a free program (or even most paid ones) it's pretty decent. Also, Cakewalk is really good for recording - SoundForge was pretty good a few years ago so I'm sure it's even better now. If you want more dj type software I would recommend VirtualDJ - it's the best dj software I came across yet.

To create different instrument's sounds on your pc you will probably have to go midi. The only good midi program I can recommend would be Garageband for Mac, but since you said pc...

Here is a list of software packs that I found. - Most of them will probably support a little keyboard input via midi to which you could setup virtually any instrument to.


Good Luck :)


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I plan on concentrating on VST within whichever program i use, so for now i wont need a keyboard.

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