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Sudden computer strangeness!


Stranger Than Fiction
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My computer runs constantly. I shut it down only for required reboots and the like. That being said suddenly tonight I have an issue. I rebooted for some crazy reason tonight and the first screen that comes up (the one with the list of drives and stuff) with the following error message in Engrish goodness....

OKDram timing is to high so reload timing.

I didn't make any changes. I don't overclock cause I don't care if I can get an extra 100 mhz. My board has factory settings aside from the fact that I had to enable hyperthreading and SATA and I did that MONTHS ago. I checked the bios to be safe and can't find anything obvious. I checked my fans in case it was overheating, all 3 work fine.

I'm guessing it could be bad RAM but I haven't had any other system issues, like I said it never really is off. I don't get BSOD's I don't get random freezes, none of the classic bad ram signs. Anyone think of any other ideas?
If it recurs (or preferably before it recurs) relax the timings on the RAM. One of the stick may be degrading with age. A one point relaxation won't cause any measurable speed loss and will improve stability.

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