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Style Xp........wont work



Yeh my prob is that.........i ran out of 30days trial for style xp, and i uninstalled the porgram and delted all the shuff from the reg, but now i cant even install the [program again, i get some invalled key error, what can i do, i have clean the reg with some prgram and still wont work, i cant stand this normal theme crap help..........
I have also tried this when I got a helper error. The crux is that you cannot seem to remove all of the information that StyleXP writes to the Reg or where ever. If you email TGT-Soft then you can get a new weeklong key to make sure it works again. Then I would suggest buying it. It is a good prog and quite cheap as well.


I'm sorry Hal...
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The point is you can't remove all of it (or at least one bit) cause then you could just keep installing a trial copy, and that just wouldn't be fair


well.........how do i fix it,lets just say i wanna buy it, how can i even install it
contact TGT Soft...they might send you a patch to solve that...or give me your E-mail address to send it to you...it's 99K ( build 1.0)


i tried that, but i just get some error message tell me windows will be unstable, what else can i do

Shamus MacNoob

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dont worry

Look all you need to do is replace the uxtheme.dll in both system32 folder and the dll cache that message is a crock first you go to system32 find the uxtheme.dll and rename is to uxtheme.bak , then place the new .dll in the system32 folder and a copy in the dll cache folder , reboot , go back to system32 and delete the uxtheme.bak and thats all you will be able to use all your cool themes without any trouble, to get the themes to work just double click on one of the msstyles that you want to load.

try it you will see

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