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Stupid retarded ROUTER!!!


Was LadySunshine
Ok, need a little venting here... so don't mind me.

My family is DENSE!!!!! I go to school for computer programming... what does that mean? Means I work with SOFTWARE!! Not hardware... and definitely NOT wiring!!!!

ok, better now...

My father bought a brand new computer which is REALLY nice... well he wants to hook up a router into MY cable modem. Fine, you wanna share my bandwidth, so be it. He and everyone else doesn't believe me when I say that we are going to be sharing ONE IP and that it WILL slow me up and keep him from going very quick if we are on it at the same time.

Needless to say he argues that I'm wrong... :rolleyes:

So he buys this thing and thinks that its SO easy to install. There are things that need to be done to make it work properly and he thinks that I've probably done this a 100 times so just leave it for me to do..

Well I have NO clue how to do this and I don't want to learn either. Just call someone in here, pay them and let them do the work to get it right...

Guaranteed by the end of tonight I'll be in my car driving around cause they will be insisting that I sit and either read the book or call the 1-800 number on the back of the book and sit on the phone with some idiot for a few HOURS till im blue in the face and exhausted trying to get this thing working...

HELL NO! :mad:

Let HIM figure it out dammit!


yeah, router's are pretty retarded...is there any way of pulling out the Hardware Firewall chip in it? I have a very sharp knife in the kitchen that can cut daimonds


OSNN Senior Addict
Lady, routers really aren't that hard to setup. You just need to get 2 CAT5 ethernet cables to hook the two computers up to the router, then follow the instructions that came with the router to configure it and the NICs in each computer. You can go to this site to find out just about anything you would want to know about home networking: http://www.practicallynetworked.com/


Was LadySunshine
Loman...thanks hunny ;)

JW50... thanks, the router is hooked up but if I try to transfer a file through AIM, ICQ, or mIRC it wont work. Just hangs there... I'm definitely missing something there....

The ICQ says Unknown Network Error and the other two just hang. :(

I'll tell you one thing, I definitely fought NOT to have this done... but my father insisted... unbelieveable. :rolleyes:

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Couldn't you just get your father to go out on an errand for a few hours (like clearing the snow from the road :D ) then either....

A. Call someone round to get the thing working properly.

B. "Accidentaly" jam a screwdriver into its very innards. Tell your father it blew up.

C. Cause a gas explosion taking a large chunk of the house including the router and your fathers computer with it.

D. Commit suicide ( not reccomended )


Was LadySunshine
Well I took choice 1. I called for some help. It's working now and I had to use the firmware to get my mirc, icq and aim working again too...

what a PITA but it's all up and running...thankfully.

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