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stupid intel hardware

hi i was at this girl's room trying to fix her computer coz her sound card isn't working so i tried what we'd all do look in device manager and add/remove to check for drivers and stuff but they seemed to be installed but no sound comes out, so what i did was i dl the driver from the internet all good there correct driver so when i start to install it halfway through the computer just reboots, so i assumed it just happened 2nd time i try installing samething, so i look at the temps and the cpu was 60 and mobo was at 45 even when not doing anything the mobo is at 41 and cpu at 55 (intel P4 2.4 and intel mobo D845PEBT2) so i tried installing the driver in safe mode i think it worked but each time i tried loading windows it kept on rebooting so i uninstalled the whole thing and tried to update the bios i did the express update thingy but i didn't get around doing the floppy disk update yet i didn't have time, do you think that the sound card should work after that

PS: she got her computer at the MDG


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I do believe intel sound software is like ATI software, the old version must be un-installed first.

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