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Stupid Ebay auction strikes again...

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
This time, it's a folder :laugh:


Hey all,

This is a brand new folder, Untouched, I know this because i created it myself! (as can be seen in the pictures below. This folder may be used for all kind of things, and is guarenteed to be more than suffice for holding your pictures, videos, and all 'other' stuff.**

The folder may be modded as pleased once recieved.

Never say never, with your new folder!

This folder has been scanned and has come up clean with Nortan internet security 2006 and and Trend Micro Anti-Spyware.

Item will be shiped in a 'Packaging' folder, and is guarenteed to arive fine.

** Amount that folder can hold will be dependant on your HDD (Hard drive) space.

What's worse, someone's already bid $5 on this folder :D


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Interesting how the post-er and the post-ee are both from Australia. Maybe they're neighbors. You know, same house different room. :rolleyes:

Hmmmmmmmm... something smells rotten down unda. Padding their feedback maybe? :suprised: :p

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
It's possible, the thread I saw that posted in was one where someone payed $999 for a 7800 GT (and not a 512 MB variety)...and with further digging some oddities came up in the bidders and biddies past feedback and biddings...

Paying for a folder though...that's about right up there with someone having posted on b.net forums about a "new hack" that lets people steal one's items. As an alleged method to dupe one's items (I guess he wanted to dupe), it entailed standing in one corner and dropping all one's items with a "see I'm standing over here, I can't do anything". Then holding the Alt key down while hitting F1 through F5 in quick succession. He came back, and the guy and his items were of course gone...

Everyone said alt + F4 and laughed Umm... :D


Modding Addict
Political User
Admiral Michael said:
wasnt there also a box? or was that auction removed?
An Xbox 360 Box to be exact. Some ass bid 608.00 for it when it stated in the item description that the box was empty. the poor soul won the auction, wether or not he paid is unknown.

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