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Stupid Apache! Directory listing problems.

I have a directory on my D: drive called \path\to\directory. Apache2 is installed on my C: drive. What I want is to get a directory listing for D:\path\to\directory. I know that I can add a "Alias /directory "D:/path/to/directory/"", so that I can use http://localhost/directory.
So far so good, or is it? Because I get a 403 (Permission Denied) error everytime I go to the link. When I put a index.html file in that dir, Apache sends the index.html file to my browser. I can also put in a link to the index.html file, and I can download the file in that same dir ok.
When I create a directory in the htdocs folder (Apache root), I do see the dir listing. This only happens when creating a Alias symbolic link to another folder outside of the Apache root.

Please help me, and now that I am on the subject, does anyone know a simpler manual for Apache (2) than the one on Apache.org?
<Directory "D:/path/to/dir/">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
IndexOptions +FancyIndexing +FoldersFirst
Now it works, after much googling.

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