Stumped on LISTBOXES


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I'm writing a DB to keep track of CORD DNA samples.

Right now I have all my sample names in a list box. I also have a combo box with all the dates and a search button. I want it so when I select a date in the combo box then click the search button only the samples that were frozen on that date to show up in the LISTBOX (instead of every sample frozen on all dates).

All I know is that I have to put code into the Private Sub Search_Click() function and use Me.DateCombo.Value, but I don't where to go and I don't know how to work with listboxes. Any ideas or suggestions? THANKS.


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see my comment here on your other thread - seems to me these two threads are more or less overlapping? Not sure if they should be merged, perhaps a mod will decide.

Anyway, what is the means you are using for your persistent data storage here?