Stuck in CoD United Offensive


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Jul 8, 2002
Hi Guys,

I am trying to get through a part of this game. I am playing as a russian soldier, I am in a building and I am suppose to bark out coordinates through my binoculars to another soldier standing by. I have obsolutely no clue what do to here, which buttons to push to say such coordinates and nothing happens when I press the fire button. I think that I am suppose to be looking at the german soldier across the way using a machine gun. I am viewing this german using my binoculars from the second floor of this building that I am in.

I am stuck.....



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Jul 26, 2003
Wrong person! Everyone seems to do this, including me :p
But, you definately know it's the right one you're aiming at as a big red bullseye comes around it. Keep moving towards the enemy until you see the big Pak gun shooting - it's at ground level, behind a wall.


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Jan 12, 2002
you do not need to push any buttons.

as Unleashed previously said, just look for the muzzle flash of the big guns (they are at ground level partially hidden behind wals and rubble.
Just use your binocs to look at them for a few seconds (you will see a big red bullseye on the gun when you look through them)...the coordinates will automatically be relayed...then boogie out of there and on to the next waypoint (follow the star on your compass).

The second gun emplacement is a little harder to is really tucked in behind a wall and rubble.

...great game!!

Good luck

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