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8 Apr 2005
So I was messing around with getting my PC setup to serve movies to my XBOX360. I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate, and installed Tversity Free edition. I know this can be done with WMP, but that was the path I took.

My 360 is down the hall, hooked up via a USB wireless adapter (standard MS adapter), and on a wireless G network.

I have been playing live here and there with no issues, and watched a few movies/shows with no issues. The last few days, however, it seems to be having problems. Mid-movie, it will frequently stop and say "loading", sometimes indefinitely.

Last night I rebooted my router, and nothing else is uploading/downloading anywhere else on the network. I don't suspect interference since it has worked fine, but think there may be an issue with the adapter or something else.

I'm thinking a wireless NAS might be a solution, although I have no idea the cost. I figure if I can copy the actual files to the NAS, hook up the NAS via USB to the xbox, my problem goes away.

If you are, how are you doing this type of thing? Any suggestions on my current setup and my "loading" problems?
the 360 only support streaming media from media centre or WMP. You also need to add an exception in the windows firewall if using it :)
Did you use the tversity codec pack?
Try using gspot on the files you have problems with and see if its a pattern of a specific code/resolution etc.
the 360 only support streaming media from media centre or WMP. You also need to add an exception in the windows firewall if using it :)

That's not true - there are many other ways to do it. It did work and still works fine, just appears to be a latency issue atm.

Did you use the tversity codec pack?
Try using gspot on the files you have problems with and see if its a pattern of a specific code/resolution etc.

Doesn't seem to be a codec thing as they are playing, just lagging at times.
Well I upgraded to Windows 7 over the weekend - I think I'm going to try using WMP this time around and see what happens.
Been doing this - for years - with Tversity to my 360.

Firstly, take some advice, dump the wireless connection for some homeplugs, you'll find things run much better, if you do go down this route, get the faster ones - the 200mbps AV ones, not the slower but still great 85mbps ones as they cant handle HD video. (look at

Which brings me to another point, this will work flawlessly streaming from your PC to your Xbox (and if you have a Wireless Xbox adapter you can flog that too and recoup your cash) but your Xbox will also work qicker on live and download faster too - bonus!

However if its purely for streaming then i would suggest dropping the Xbox Altogether and getting something like the Xtreamer, at £100 delivered you can play MKV's (which your Xbox cant without transcoding via Tversity - slowly) and do everything that your Xbox can do and then some.

It even support Wireless N, which means that if your Router supports it, your laughing, otherwise get the homeplugs too.

Just my 2 cents!

Edit: jezus i really need to update my Profile and sig...
I'm not sure what you are referring to with regards to the 200mbps AV cables? I have HDMI from my 360 to my HDTV, that isn't the problem.

I can't run a wire down my hallway from my router to my xbox, it's not really going to happen.
Im not talkine about AV Cables, im taking about Homeplugs.

Here's the skinny:

Plug a homeplug into a wall socket, connect an ethernet cable from that to your router.

Plug another in a plug next to your Xbox, then connect an ethernet cable from that to your Xbox.

The Homeplugs then extend your network over your power cables in your house and its WAAAAY faster than Wireless and completely stable, i.e. no dropouts.

See this for a better explantion:-
Very interesting stuff, I live under a rock apperantly because I never heard of that before :)

So, looking at Newegg,

It appears that would do the trick. I reviewed some documentation on their website and it seems very easy to setup. I'm a little surprised you can't seem to go ethernet to ethernet though, it only appears you can do wireless.

I'll do some more digging on this later - but thanks. Although it's expensive, if it delivers the experience I'm after and I can sell my current wifi adapter to absorb some of it, seems like a good deal.

Do you use it? What bandwidth are you getting?
I dont have the 200mbps one, i only have the 85mbps one as i bought my ones before the 200mbps ones came out and i will be upgrading at some point.

As for throughput, hard to say as i've never tested it, but it is faster than wireless that's for sure. A lot of it depends on your home wiring so if you have an old house you may not get as good speeds if your in a new abode.

However, i've an old victorian era house and had no issues.

The 85mbps ones cant stream HD as its not fast enough but the 200mbps ones definitely do.

I cant recommend them enough to be honest.
I see that :)

My house was built in 1985 so I should be good. I'll make the plunge in a couple of weeks and be sure to post back with the experience. Thanks much :)
Streaming seems to be working OK - still really peeved that I can't play certain file types. I understand the MS perspective of only certain codes (.avi mostly?) - but I really want to play MP4! Those stupid error messages don't really help me.

Anyone know of a way to install/adjust what codecs you can play?

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