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strange problem....

Today I added another 512 MB of RAM to the 512 already in my box and I started getting some odd behavior. When I powered it up after installing the new RAM...it POST'd and showed the correct amount of RAM and then proceeded thru the rest of the boot up process...then..when it got to the Windows XP Login prompt...it just rebooted on its own. It came back up and let me log in but then in a few minutes blue screened and rebooted itself. It seems to have stabilized now and I checked the event logs and saw these entries....

AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to read from an illegal IO port address (0x71), which lies in the 0x70 - 0x71 protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

repeated several times....but now they seem to have stopped...is this what was causing the reboots?


A quick google turned up this link from microsoft
A bit long winded.
Since you have just installed your RAM, I guess that this is the problem, try testing just that stick by itself with memtest www.memtest86.com
If it comes out error free maybe you should try disabling ACPI in your bios (don't worry, XP implements ACPI itself). If that doesn't work you might want to look to see if there are any bios updates for your board.


hardware monkey
hmm... it's crucial memory, right? shouldn't be faulty...

are your memory timings set too aggressively? if you don't know what i mean, then don't worry about it... they're probably okay.

if that's the case, maybe it's your board? ecs has issues...
funny you should mention that about the system board...I was pondering getting a new one anyway.....any suggestions on a brand or type of board to get? Would be nice for the board to have SDRAM and DDR RAM slots since I have just gotten up to a gig on SDRAM...would hate to have to buy DDR RAM now. Any ideas would be appreciated.


hardware monkey
i understand your concern with using your sdram. is it too late to return the 512 you just bought?

if not, MSI's K7T Turbo 2 is the best k7 and sdram motherboard you can get, as far as i know. supports up to athlon xp 2200+ (1.8ghz) after bios update. based on the KT133A chipset.

actually, looking on their site, they have the K72 Combo-L which is a KT266A board that can use either SDR or DDR. only 2 slots for either one, though. looks it goes for around $60 online. not bad.

i don't know of any other brands that offer SDR and DDR. maybe someone else does? stick with VIA chipsets.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
If you turn off automatic restart you might get more information on what is happening.

Right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/setting. Untick it in there.
Could be the power supply. You have a pretty hefty load.

Athlon 1.2 is a power hog
2 HD both relatively big
1 gig ram

That calls for at least 350W power supply. If the problem comes back, and it probably will. Check your cpu and case temperature if their under 55C and 40C respectively and the power supply is under 350W. I'd be thinking bigger power supply.
I will look at the wattage of the power supply when I get home and will check the temperatures also. A guy who has built systems for me in the past quoted me this:

Shuttle AK32A Motherboard
AMD XP2000+ and Cooler
Arctic Silver

All this for $205.00 and that is including shipping. This sounds like a good deal...I think I am gonna do it.
I just checked some stuff...

Power Supply = 400 watts

AIDA32 temperature readings

Motherboard 30 C 86 F
CPU 37 C 99 F
Aux 22 C 72 F

I am not sure if those temps are high or not but I don't think I have had a problem with it overheating and shutting down on its own...least I don't remember it doin that.


hardware monkey

that case/cpu/mobo combo is a good deal. especially with shipping included. i haven't heard anything bad about shuttle. except my dad has the AK31A and the onboard sound quality is horrid. i'm betting it's a defect in his particular board cuz it sounds like there might be interference somewhere on the board... or a loose solder joint or something. but he can still hear his "dings" and, although fuzzy, he doesn't care or even really notices. :p

and your power supply and temps all check out okay. but if you're getting those new components, then it probably doesn't really matter anyway. :)
well something is majorly wrong now...thank god I had a backup machine here....I was using the machine I have specd in my signature when all of the sudden....it blue screens again.....I decide to just power it down and remove the stick of 512 I had put in there....and when I go to power back up....all I hear is a BEEP BEEP BEEP and there is no display. I powered down again and checked my video card out.....it seemed to be fine so I put it back in and powered it up and BEEP BEEP BEEP....so I powered down again and put my old nVidia GeForce 2 MX200 64 MB back in there and powered it back up and BEEP BEEP BEEP....it will not display anything at all now....the LED on the monitor just flashes...is it possible the AGP Port on my motherboard has gone bad? Looks like I might be ordering that new system sooner than I had planned on...:(


hardware monkey
does that beep code say it's a problem with your agp slot? is that what the manual says?

if you're not sure, then that beep code could be for anything. your manual should tell you what those 3 (short?) beeps mean.

it could be your memory. try either one of the sticks in verious slots.

oh, and be sure to clear your cmos in between each try just to be safe.
the manual doesnt seem to have a troubleshooting section...so I have no idea what the beeps mean....I will deal with it tomorrow...bedtime here...:(


3 short beeps is usually a memory error.
1 long is usually a video error.
(Or is it the other way around I forget)
Still using the old CRAP mem I see. At least it's better the 72 or 30 pin.

First clear the CMOS, unplug the system. (There is a jumper on the board or take out the battery)
Then put in your old RAM.
If it boots then it was a memory mismatch error.
Take it out and try the other one.

If one is a SLOWER speed it needs to be the first one installed.
Bank 0 <512Mb PC-100>
Bank 1 <512Mb PC-1??>

Check for Memory jumpers if your's alllows both DDR-RAM/SDRAM
Make sure they're correct.
Check BIOS for RAM timing set to SPD (AUTODETECT)

I reccomend using DDR RAM over SDRAM anyday of the week!!! Double Data Rate (RAM) the speed increase is immense!!!
and you can get 1 Gb 2700(333Mhz)DDR-RAM for $102 (2x512)
or 1Gb 3200(400Mhz) DDR-RAM for $112 (2x512)
then get yourself one of these: Msi K7N2-L Retail box 2yr warr.Socket A, nVIDIA® nForce2 SPP Chipset, DDR RAM,1 AGP, 5 PCI, ATX ATHLON XP 1900+,1.6GHZ 266MHz, AX1900DMT3C w/ Heatsink & Fan, complete combo set for $175.97 at www.BZBOYS.com (For all your GAMING pleasures)
I will do the trouble-shooting when I get home....I am in the process of possibly purchasing a new motherboard/CPU combo from a gentleman I have bought from in the past...in fact...I highly recommend him....his website is http://www.overclockedcpus.com and he is a very knowledgeable gentleman. I have been checking the prices on DDR Ram on http://www.googlegear.com and I must admit...some of these deals look pretty tasty...for instance...


I have done some checking on PriceGrabber.com most of the day today...slow day at work..heh...and have found some motherboards, CPUs, and memory I might be interested in and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these products...you know.....ITS THE BEST!!! or AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!


MSI KT4VL $75.50
ABIT KX7-333R $91.00
ASUS A7V333-X $77.95
EPOX EP8RDA $88.00
FIC AD11 $81.75
SHUTTLE AK35GT2 $68.00

DDR Memory

KINGSTON 512 MB PC2700 DDR DIMM $63.95
CORSAIR 512 MB PC2700 DDR DIMM $74.00
CRUCIAL 512 MB PC2700 DDR DIMM $75.62


XP 1700+ $69.45
XP 1800+ $64.00
XP 1900+ $85.50
XP 2000+ $88.90
XP 2100+ $102.00

Just looking for some opinions is all...any help would be appreciated.


If I were you I'd go with
EPOX EP8RDA $88.00
KINGSTON 512 MB HYPERX PC2700 DDR DIMM $75.00 (or the corsair, not much diff)
XP 2100+ $102.00

But that's from an overclocking perspective ;) the 2100+ paired with the 8RDA is a great combo which many people reach 2.2ghz+ on air cooling :eek:

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