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Strange Problem .. HELP PLEASE !!!



I have installed Windows XP for 2 weeks and everything looks FABULOUS until last night..... :(

I tried to do a SCANDISK with the "AUTO FIX" option in windows and it ask me to reschedule for the next restart. So, I say yes and reboot my machine........ :( :(

After restarting, I saw a different screen before I get into the regular desktop view. It said CHKDSK is doing all kinds of stuff, so i waited for a while and after the CHKDSK, the system reboots same screen poped up, it told me my disk is clean and CHKDSK are DONE. The screen stays there FOREVER~~~~~~~~ I can't get my XP to boot anymore :( :( :(

I tried to restart my machine manually and picked every options in the advanced boot menu; nothing seems to works, not even SAFE MODE. haha.

So, is there anyone has seen something like that before ??
is there some hardware problem ? software problem ? or just my problem ? :confused: :confused:

Any suggestion is appericate.

Thanks in advance.


OSNN Senior Addict
Try using your XP cd to do a repair, sometimes repair doesn't work too well tho. If all else fails then do a full reinstall.

restore registry settings to last good ones saved by pressing F8 on start up (think u know how to do that by your second post here) and then select safe more DOS Prompt option... when in DOS do the registry restore



How long does it usually takes for me to get in to safe mode with command prompt ?

I have tried that and i saw a bunch of DRIVER files get loaded and it is frozen but my HD light is still on. I waited for around 5 mintues.

I shouldn't take that long given that it took around 3 mintues to load safe mode on win 98.

if I can't even load safe mode (all 3 of them), does it mean I have to reinstall ??


OSNN Senior Addict
safemode takes a bit of time on mine too... stops at the vga driver and loads the rest
but no way 5minutes
30secs delay at that point at most

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