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Strange MSN Messenger problem?


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I will be using my MSN without any problems at all, then all of a sudden it disconnects/signs me out, when meanwhile, I'm bwosing the internet without a problem, so I'm not losing connection that way. Then 60 seconds later, it re connects me automaticly perfectly fine. I dont undertand why this is happening to me, and it happens alot some days, and barely any other days. I have never ever had a problem with my MSN Messenger Service in the past. So far I have tryed was uninstalling the program, and then reinstalling it again. But that never seemed to work. I even contacted MSN help and that was just as usefull as asking the god dam cat. This problem is really ticking me off so I figured I would come to you guys to see what you had to say!

Here's a bit of extra info incase you want to know:

Frequency of the issue:

Where are you trying to connect from?
Home LAN

Which Version of Messenger are you Running?

If you have a firewall, which one?
Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall

Who is Your ISP?

Type of Internet connection:

Where did you get Messenger?
Download from MSN

Which operating system are you using?: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)

Which browser are you using: IE6




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are you running bittorrent or any p2p apps? high bandwidth usage can make some routers/connections disconnect


Windows Perfectionist
Nope, not usually anyway. I've intentionally left the computer on after a fresh reset when Messenger running once to try that, and it still happens.

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