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So i'm making a new site, and all is going swimmingly until suddenly I notice that in Firefox some fo the links "dissapear".

What I mean is that on the left I have some menus items and some of them are links. In firefox it only displays the first 3 as links (and the the third one just barely if you put the mouse near the top of the text) the other links are just text and do nothing when you click or mouse over them. In IE they work fine

If I scrunch the menu items up I can get a forth working, but still not the others. Somehow it appears the links to the text are "slipping" above the actual words.

viewing the source shows the code as it should be in "a href"'s

The code is xhtml 1.1 and it validates properly as does the css.

Anyone come across this problem, or even understand what I mean?

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