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Strange DVD Drive Problem !



I was installing a TV Card in to my PC, a couple of days ago. And after that (not immediately) the Samsung DVD drive didn't work aswell as it did before. Now it just sometimes doesn't work, you can eject it and that lot, but the drive does not read the CD, I was installing Office XP, and I had to cancel it because the dvd drive stopped reading the cd, this has happened quite often now. My cd's that autoplayed aswell, don't respond, it says that the drive is not ready. Could the wires of come loose when I was putting in the tv card? Or could it be that it has gone a bit tired, because I formatted and reinstalled Win XP Pro about 3 or 4 times last week !!!!!

It is only a year old aswell !!!


Does the DVD drive get it's power through the cable's. If it does, then how can the drive get enough power to eject and go back in !?!


Nope, still not working, now it don't work at all !!!
I think the DVD drive and the CDRW drive are connected through the same ribbon cable, can that have something to do with it, because now my CDRW drive does not work properly either ! or do I need a bigger power supply, coz of all the things in my PC !
try removing the DVD Drive, boot XP, test the TV Card.
If all is Fine, put the DVD Drive back in see how things go
Or you can take out the TV Card and see if that improves things
If both the dvd and cdrw do not work and they are connected by the same cable then try a different cable. Also check to make sure that the ide channel didn't get shut off by chance in the bios. It does sound like the cable went belly up.
depends on the bios manufacterer. some use delete key on start up. also some use F1, F2 or F10. Who made the motherboard or what is the computer?
delete works with most BIOS's (Award and Pheonix) you can check the IRQ using Help and Support or Start->Run and msinfo32 ( think that is right the Help and Support is def right).

think iowaboy is right, could be a cable


I will check all that, I press del for my bios but what I meant was where do you go to change the irq !

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You know i reckon theres a much simpler answer to all of this. Whrn you wer poking around in your machine, I think you must have pulled the ide cable slighty away from the connector on the motherboard. When you went to check, you were playing with drive ends and pulled it slightly more so both drives no longer work.

Solution is to check all three connectors on the cable are in tightly.


I am going to return my drive and get another 1 for the same price. That was 12x and now I can get 1 for about 16x !

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