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Storage HELP


OSNN One Post Wonder
1 - We have 10 servers with capture boards to capture the live data from the cameras distributed through the H.O

2- This data is saved temporary in the local hard disks of those servers until copied later to a storage media with high capacity

3- We received one ATABEAST storage device from NEXSAN company (their site is
www.nexsan.com ) with 2 RAID controllers and 4 hosts

4- All total space is 7TB
5- Most of those servers are windows based operating system but some are UNIX appliance include a hard disk and network interface cards (NIC) without ability to add extra cards

6- We intend to connect the 10 servers to the ATABEAST through interface. This interface could be fiber channel switch or any suggested device.

7- Any technical suggestion ?



I would say the connection method you use depends on your cameras and the amount of time needed to transfer files. I ran into congestion problems when I first setup cameras at my house. They are network cameras and the sending of data to my storage unit and recording of data slowed things down on that end. I ended up moving to an XServe/XRaid combination and it has since solved my problems. I would say go with the Fiber channel since you will be able to benefit from the speed.


OSNN One Post Wonder

Thank you for your reply. We not looking for saving data directly from camera to storage. The data will be saved on the local disk and later on to be move to storage.
What is the best way of dowing this configuration?
If we connect a PC to storage and split the 7TB to 10. One VOL for each host. Than from the host we mount that VOL and start moving the data to it.
Also I need to clarifing one thing, we are not looking for the speed of transfering data.

Thank you again


I'm a little confused as to what you are asking here. If all you are needing is a method of moving data from your PC to a storage device, any configuration you do would be fine (Ethernet, Fiber, PCI-Connected, etc). On my network, I have an XServe that records the data from my cameras to the local hard drive. Every week, the recorded video is Archived and set over to my XRaid for storage. Works fine.


OSNN One Post Wonder

As I mentioned I have 10 server each one connected to one camera I have no problem with capturing. I got the save localy on each server.
The main question is to know what would be the best hardware/software setup to move the data from each server to the storage.
I have ATABEAST disk vault from Nexsan. do I have to coneect one PC to storage and export all VOLUMES so the 10 server can mount and each server will copy the data to his VOL?

thank you

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