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Stock Voltage?


Nissan Powered
Can anyone tell me the stock voltage of the 1800+? I was looking through the XP specifications and I couldn't find it anywhere so If anyone could tell me I would be much obliged.


Nissan Powered
so your telling me no one knows what the voltage of the xp cpu is......... some one here must have a bios that will display it come on people!!!!!


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I dunno... I would hazard a guess @ around the 1.7volt -1.75colt mark... thats where my baby sits @ around the 1.75-1.775 volt mark... therefore I would assume that the 1800+ runs at very close to that voltage... just under perhaps since it is not a 0.13 micron process cpu and uses the older core like mine does...

when I oc I go higher... if I do a large oc I run @ 1.825...

in my bios I have an option that says pc health... andI can see my temps/fan speeds and all my voltages... consider looking in yours :)

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