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Steam Unreal Pack (Epic Joins Steam)


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I guess I did, but still good to have a thread to chat more in it.

I wish I could get money back from D2D!!


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Ah I feel for you Bman, I really do!

I got the whole Unreal package for $54 last night, plus VAT. Probably works our around £30, which I think is pretty good. Now all I need is a 9800GTX to play UT3 on :)


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It had crossed my mind, but in a few weeks the market will probably be flooded with people wanting to sell their 8800GT to move up to the 9 series, bringing prices down. Either way, by waiting a few weeks I can get a cheaper 8800GT or spend the big bucks and get a hardcore 9800 something.


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Which is hopefully what I will be doing, getting rid of my 8800GT for a nice new 9 series card. If I have the moola for it. Eitherway, UT3 is a awesome game to have, and now with Steam, makes it even better!


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I just realized, after buying and playing the games, that some were decent back in the day.


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yeah.. thats a really nice collection

unfortunately i already have classic ut, and i dont care about the other ones

but if anyone wants to get ut3, that pack is the way to go

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