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Startup Sounds


WinTMBG Professional
Hey guys.

I went into Control Panel/Sounds and changed the Windows Start sound. However, there is still another "chiming" sound that plays after the new one. :( I can't find anywhere where this sound is listed, but I want it GONE! Please help!



Maybe this will help...

When you install the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Drivers in Windows, Creative installs a nice splash screen that plays an EAX enhanced clip and animation when Windows starts.

However, this splash screen can quickly become unwelcome.

To disable the splash screen,

Go to the Start Menu, point to Programs, Creative, SB Audigy.

Click on Creative EAX (on later driver versions, this is called Creative Splash Screen)

Click on the Settings icon. On older driver versions, this is shown as a page icon, while later versions show this is a small circle.

Uncheck Load on Startup.


WinTMBG Professional

Thanks, but it's not an EAX sound. No splash screen or anything. This sound would play even with other soundcards.

Pretty sure it's a Windows thing.

I'm the only user on my machine, so maybe it's an "Admin" sort of sound?

Any takers?


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Go back into the control panel & see if there is a sound under 'open program'. If so see if it is the one you want to get rid of. If not just go through the sounds till you find the offending one.


WinTMBG Professional


No sounds associated with "Open Program." The sound plays after the standard "Windows XP Startup" harmony plays.

This is really kinda bothering me...:( Any takers?


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
It could be a program with its own sounds starting up. See what you have in Start/Run/msconfig...startup & maybe untick one at a time. (If you know what they are) You can always tick them again if it is not the right one. Or have a look at the program options & see what is in there.

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