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Starting up problem


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My server suffered an unfortunate loss on the power supply.

That being said, I replaced the power supply and got it started up. However, I can't get Ubuntu linux to start up because it keeps stopping at Configuring Network Interface and it won't configure.

*sigh* Since I still don't know enough, I was wondering if the System Recovery mode in the menu selection will work and if not, tell me what will.



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In this case, I tried unplugging the connection to my router and it finished booting up. So when I put it back in and had it to re-connect to the router, it locked up. So I had to disconnected the plug again. It worked. So When I reconnected the plug, it had no problem and found the internet and all. Like nothin. What is goin on?


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I am having trouble with connecting to my desktop machine now over the lan. I am thinking it was because of the settings I had that I don't think I put there in the first place that saying this is a WINS Server. Could that be it?

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