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Startek USB 3.0 card not running at 3.0 speeds


I have purchase the STARTECH PEXUSB3S2 PCI Express card for my new system (i5) I built last year. I also purchased a Western Digital MyBook 3.0 external hard drive. It is USB 3.0 capable and comes with the 3.0 cable.

I have install the latest drivers for the STARTECH PEXUSB3S2 and also flashed the external drive with the latest firmware. I am running Windows 7 x64 as well.

Max transfer rate is 25MB/s. I am mostly transferring photos & documents.

Any suggestions?


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Is the mobo usb 3 compatible? What Mobo is it? Also, how big are the files you are trying to transfer? There are times that a large file will take a little bit because of the buffering an such ..


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Your never going to get full USB 3.x speeds with an external, but then again your not going to get them with an internal either. USB 3.0 max speed 4.8 Gbit/s = 600mb per sec ... I doubt you have a drive that can read/write that fast. They don't advertise that part when they pitch all this new hardware, your only going to get as fast as your drive and then lose some when you go external.

I realize I won't get the full advertised speed but I should get more than 25MB/s. The motherboard is Intel DP55WG but I am using the listed USB 3.0 card.

The external hard drive is designed for USB 3.0 as well.


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In my first post I stated that I purchase a USB 3.0 card (STARTECH PEXUSB3S2 PCI Express card).
[edit] I read this wrong. Sorry for the confusion [/edit]

I think the best advice would be to call the support for the company you bought the card from. About the only thing I can think of is that it isn't reading it isn't possibly reading it as a usb 3.0 ...
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