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Village Idiot
Twice now my computer has locked at the Welcome screen and will not load any further. Even rebooting the machine a couple of times doen't help. I have to reinstall windows each time. Even starting from last known good doesn't help.

Pentium 4 2 GIG
1000MB RAM
Asus P4 Mboard
Soundblaster audigy
Leadtech G Force Ti500 64 MB Detonator 21.70 drivers
Pioneer dvd rom
Windows XP HOME (CLEAN INSTALL- New Computer)

Any help and advice would be much appreciated:confused:


Village Idiot
Thanks for the reply GOTHIC. Without sounding too much of a dork how do I peruse the system log. I'm a novice compared with the experts on this forum!!!?

Thanks again in anticipation:)

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
I've just given Gothic a bollo$%3g for only giving you half the info you need :D

If you look in adminastrtive tools ibn the start menu, and then choose event viewer, you will see a collosal list of events, if you double click an event then it will reveal some useful (maybe) info.

Mister Zee

Guys.... how's that gonna help him if his PC can't boot past the welcome screen?

This is most probably either a bad CD, or a conflicting hardware. Do you have a network card? Did you try to remove all the unrequired components and see if you would have the same problem?

It could be many things, but that's all I can think of now. YYou gotta start with this.

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