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Start Up Scripts

How can I write a script that will run a program ( ~/folding/FAH502 ) everytime the server boots up.

I know that cronjobs can run things at a certain time, but my server isnt important enough to warrant purchasing a UPS so when we have a powercut i need to run around and restart all my running apps. Is there a way I can put these in a script that can be run on system boot?

Ideally I would like a screen session to be opened first, and then the program in question ran. That way I can manage the progress etc remotely without needing local access to the machine.
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Depending on the linux flavour of the week, create a script in either:


Or if it is FreeBSD:


And just prepend the command to be run by a "screen" and it will be executed in a screen.
Thanks X, the flavour is Slackware 10.2 and I have just been speaking to someone on YIM who has said that there is a crontab special flag "@reboot" - I wasn't aware of such flags.

So in that case I have just added the following line to my users crontab

@reboot screen -d -m ~/folding/FAH504-Linux.exe
I'l have a look at those files also though, just to make myself familiar

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