Start menu sort order - was I dreaming ?



I'm pretty sure that I remember being pleasantly suprised to discover that when I installed an application, it actually got inserted into the start menu in the right place !

It's not doing it any more :(

Have I cocked something up here - or was I dreaming ?


No, not really, as I'm using the classic start menu.

It's strange.. I was so amazed that someone at Microsoft realized that you could get the computer to sort items all by itself, that's what made me notice all the more when it stopped.


Thanks, know that one, but it's not exactly the computer doing it all on it's own.

Has no-one else noticed this remarkable feat of programming ?



Yeah Womble, I know what you are talking about. Strangely enough, I'm having the same problem as well. It sorted them automatically for like 4 weeks, but now it doesn't do it automatically. I can't seem to find the property for it either.

One thing though is that I THINK it stopped doing the sorting automation AFTER I installed Style XP. So maybe that's what is causing it. Do you have Style XP installed? Let me know, cus if you do, thats most likely the problem then.

Let me know your thoughts.


Bang On !!!!

I've just uninstalled StylesXP and installed another application gets inserted in the right place - all on it's own.

So StylesXP is the culprit.

One other thing I noticed.
With the version of SXP that modified the dll file (beta 3 ?), when I uninstalled it, my theme remained intact.
With the latest version, it removes the theme on uninstallation :mad:

So if there's a timebomb in there, it looks as though they've also programmed around that little option in order to ensure no pay , no theme !

Anyway, well spotted that man - nice one ;)

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