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I've been using WinXP Pro without any problem for a long time.A few days ago I've noticed that start & exit sounds are not working.I checked the sound and audio device properties,the files were there and working manually.I tested DirectX diagnostics, everything was fine.I used NU's WinDoctor but the problem insists.The only software used at startup is NAV2003 and NIS2003 and if they are disabled the problem still goes on.Is there any way to solve this problem from the registry or do you have any other idea?
:( :( :(


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Not the only one with this problem

Well, I wish i could say I could help you. But, I am having the SAME problem, only my problem is a little more than you. With me, NONE of my system scmeme sounds play. And by that I mean, STARTUP, SHUTDOWN, LOGIN and oUT, and empty the recycle bin. System events of those types. ANY HELP would be appreciated.
I have a COMPAQ Presario 900US laptop running windows XP Pro LEGIT... SP1. ANY HELP would be awesome!


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Welcome to the forums the two of you. :) :) :)

I think this might be a sp1 issue from what I can remember & I don't think anyone has found a fix for it as yet. :(


no sounds

i had the same problem. it happened when i updated my windows. i tried restoring the files but nothing happened. all my diagnostics works fine too. what i did was re-install window.
try something else if you can. good luck...


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I finally got my laptop running the way i wanted it to run... crash and problem free... and then this little glitch shows up... I'll try anything to keep from re-formatting....


If you're running TweakUI for XP check and see if the "beep on errors" is checked in the General tab. It should have a check mark. I had the same problem exactly and it took me about a month of web surfing and forum searching to find this fix. Hope it solves your problem.


Man 0 man, me too!!! I don't know if it resulted from installing Windows updates or using reg cleaners (jvs 16). No sounds for any system events, but individual sounds play when tested in control panel. Geez, I thought I was the only one....


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Nice try but that wasnt it

I tried that setting, as well as EVERY other setting in TWEAK UI... but no result... STILL no sounds :(


PS I really appreciate this help... and its nice to see that I'm not the only one with these problems

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