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Star Trek Television Series



Deep Space Nine had one of the most intenses seasons ever with that whole "dominion" thing...

TNGs will be a classic... Voyager?!?

That new one blah...

Perris Calderon

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this is a tough question...like comparing todays cars to a 55...of course, with technology, todays cars are better, but some of those old cars broke ground that changed our lives

so too star-trek

the original was ground breaking in so many ways, and it actually changed some peoples lives...for this, nothing can come close, can it.

then again, if you lay those things aside, the original cannot come close to what's come since.

the next generation had some of the best writing in the history of television, yet was flawed in casting...ha...number 1? a joke, the doctors son?..a joke...still worth watching to be sure.

ds9...also excellant writing, a little too dark for my star trek fantasy though

my favorite giving side be side comparisons was voyager, casting, writing, effects, all combining in concert

I don't care for the current version of the franchise though
actually number 1 ain't a joke, in some navies this is what the first officer or mate is called, the doctor's son was a joke though.

Star Trek: TNG was my favorite

Voyager was good first season but got really old, really fast.

DS9: *bump*

the new one haven't even bothered watching one episode.

The original series was ok, but alot of bad acting, William Shatner has to be one of the worst over-acting actors of all time.


Perris Calderon

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Originally posted by Iceman
actually number 1 ain't a joke, in some navies this is what the first officer or mate is called,

The original series was OK, but alot of bad acting, William Shatner has to be one of the worst over-acting actors of all time.

ah, I'm talking about the casting of this charachter...suposedly a charismatic mans man, and a Lady's man as well...pleeezze...just plain bad casting.

as far as shatner overacting...please put his craft in context with the time and the generation...ahve you seen those dragnets, and the bradys, and the other fair...I thought while overacted, he was quite charimatic...I've not seen a charismatic captain that has not been overacted.
Sorry, dealer I stick with my statement, not a Shatner fan. Your not serious about comparing Star Trek acting with Brady Bunch acting are you? Like mixing apples and oranges.

Guess we willh have to agree to disagree on this one m8.

I suppose you think he still can't act? Yep

or sing? Yep

or recite poetry? anybody can

but some of his books are not at all bad: some of them ain't all that bad, some of them are just plain awful

Like I said, we will have to agree to disagree on this, you like him, which is fine by me, I don't like him at all and never have, which is still fine by me.

at the time, the show came out I thought he was great as well, but I was a little kid, as I grew older I seen the re-runs and thought OMFG this is some really bad acting.

The Star Trek Captians have all over acted real bad. Janeway was a joke, Sisko don't get me started, this new lad was good in quantum leap but that was it.

Patrick Stewart did an ok job, with what he was working with, they have always had a problem with the scripts in my opinion.

enough of my ranting



Gotta be Voyager. Had the best mix of truely evil enemies, Borg, Species 84.., Hirogen and lots of temperal time stuff.. loved it.

Plus it launched Elite Force Game, nothing like an online fight on that! lol


I'm sorry Hal...
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DS9 is the best, especially from the 4 season onward and seasons 6 and 7 where some of the best TV ever made.

I like it more, because it was much darker, not just in look but in tone. It was grimy, back-of beyond, face in the muck type stuff. Also had the best collection of characters since they weren't restricted to all Starfleet type persons which enabled far more depth and diverse story lines.
As I said the whole Dominion thing was fantastic, much more of a threat than the Borg ever were. Not just the war and the massive battles either, some of the more subtle ones as well.

I also love all the others, Voyager was excellent, also mainly from the end of the 3rd season onward.
TNG is a classic, nuff said
I can watch the TOS, i like it. but i can't say i'm a huge fan of it
Enterprise has only recently started over here and i have to say i do like it. its different from all the rest, which is the point. this is before the Federation and everything, this is how it all happened. but i do think they should have named the ship something else
I just loved the Voyager series. The crew's interaction was just perfect and all the new species they encountered and the troubles they went in. My favorite characters are The Doctor of course, for his humor and Tuvok, for his logicness.

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