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star trek cancelled


I'm sorry Hal...
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Re: star treck cancelled

yeah, tragady. Should have kept the faith. Neither Voyager or DS9 where great until season 4


There is no answer!
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I loved this show, i'm not even into Star trek, but this was the best off them, i loved to see how it all began, god damn people, who knows maybe another channel will pick it up. Anyone remember Star Gate the series on upn, the fools, they sold it to sci fi channel cos it didn't do so well on upn, now its one of the biggest watched series of all time.

American Zombie

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It may have not run as long as some of the others but the best in my opinion was the original Star Trek with Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty and the rest of the crew.


The Voices Talk to Me
Voyager was a great show, loved it. And I liked DS9 untill they really went way out there with the whole emisarry ^sp /religion thing. That killed it for me totally. They could rename DS9 to "Religious Nutjobs in Space". It would better convey the theme of the show.

I am big on Enterprise and I am just stunned that they would even consider canceling the show. Someone over there has plum lost their frickin mind and needs to be blown out an airlock. The "new" BattleStar Galatica is another show I am watching nowdays. BG is pretty cool as long as you forget everything about the show from the original.

Update: Just sent a email to UPN expressing my discontent with the possible news, and encourage all fans to do the same.

Electronic Punk

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Well TV networks can't really expect ratings not not to fall when downloading tv shows etc. is so easy these days.

Another theory is that because it was Star Trek there was no opportunity for product placement. Planet Starbucks.
The US TV networks are screwing themselves and every show they now air.

There used to be a TV schedule with new episodes starting around fall to winter and then come around spring-time the repeats began. Then some networks started with a new "summer lineup". So, in effect, we now had 2 seasons in 1 year. This cut back on repeats which actually was bad, IMO. Then with the advent of this totally BS "reality TV" craze we have the normal fall schedule, a schedule that interrupts the fall schedule, the continuation of the fall schedule, the next run of BS reality crap, the summer schedule, etc.

They're screwing the intelligent viewers, making mad cash on cheap reality crap and advertising, and whoring themselves to the pathetic people who get off on reality tv.

If I want to watch a season of shows then I do not want to see the first 8 episodes of a season and then have to wait like 2-3 months before I can see the 9th episode because some other "show" took the timeslot in the meantime. This is what is expected of viewers now. Personally, I think everyone should just boycott all the networks and tell them to shove it.

Bittorrent and other file-sharing networks did NOT cause this process to happen. Blame it on the pinheaded executives who whore themselves to anyone who will give them an extra penny.

I'm sad to see Enterprise cancelled. I was enjoying the development and actually found the whole Vulcan episodes [ending with Kir'Shara] to be some of the best they've done. Sad to see that pretty much being the end of the series. They ordered 13 episodes for this season and Kir'Shara was episode 9. Pity.


Son Goku

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I used to watch it, though not so much anymore... In the last season, just caught a few eps...

Anyhow, I would have to agree with some here, bit torrent really wouldn't be killing the networks or whatever... If they were smart, they'd make a deal to have the commercials kept in, heck perhaps even host the trackers themselves, add the d/ls to their ratings, and claim the extra viewers to their advertizers for extra advertizing dollars. They get more money, and it would be the user's own BW used for the uploading. People could also watch things whenver they want, as well as things that might only, thus far be showed in other countries/cultures, etc. Oh well, it's the recording industry, where even a dead 83 year old lady can be sued for music distribution.

One thing that could be added, with the same weight, DVD sales... I never used to buy TV shows, until several series I wanted to go back and see again were gone... They don't exactly remain on TV. Then again, in some cases they are no longer distributed anymore... Another series that was on TV for awhile, I've since bought the DVDs. Network stopped showing about 9 months ago, DVD release well beyond what they would show now if they pick it up. Again, a DVD could be watched whenever... Hey, they switched to another series when they ran out of eps to show, and didn't pick it back up again when the DVD releases continued. That's their choice...

So, if I like something enough to want to watch it, I get the DVDs. However upon owning the thing and being able to watch whenever, I don't exactly make it a point to try to be home to watch it whenever it's on. Other stuff, I might watch them, but if I really wanted to see again... So what's left? Lets just say that perhaps the networks should learn that TV is supposed to be a form of entertainment and many of us could care less to have our entire lives revolve around a TV schedule. tbh, over the years I've just tended to not care as much as I used to, if I'm home at a given time to watch something or not...and would prefer to get out more sometimes... Oh well...

Then again, as most people aren't Neilson families, most people don't directly effect the ratings anyhow...

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