Stange happenings, is this a virus?


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After being hijacked I ran Hijackthis and Adaware6 which sorted out a couple of 'issues'

My computer is exhibiting the following odd behaviour:

During normal useage the mouse pointer suddenly jumps to random tabs on the task bar or even the start button.

That's it!

Quite annoying as you can be working away and suddenly find yourself in a completely different application or if it jumps to the start button even shutting the PC down :(

Of course I've since scanned with updated NAV 2002 and AA6, Spybot S&D and Swat It and since the original infection all have come up negative.


While typing this post the mouse jumped 4 times.


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Is it only jumping to the "OK" or currently available check boxes and buttons?
There are settings that facilitate this kinda mouse jumping to save you all the effort of moving the cursor over the OK button yourself. Can't see what use it is myslelf, but it could be causing your problem.
I'm not sure if it's in Windows or part of a mouse control panel option. Have a poke about in the control panel/options for your mouse m8 ;)

Could even try removing then reinstalling your mouse to eliminate driver anomelies.
If it ain't that i'd be a bit suss about this "jumping" too


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yeah i go with whats erbmaster is saying. check this: control panel -> mouse -> movement -> to standard button (translated from dutch) there uncheck the checkbox. maybe that will fix it


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Nah! I should have qualified my 1st post. It most definitely is not the "snap to" option in the mouse control panel. I actually turned it off just to check - no effect.

The pointer only jumps to the start buttonor other tabs on the task bar and never jumps to within dialog boxes or open windows.

However I will reinstall drivers - now why didn't I think of that!




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The fact that the mouse is jumping to the taskbar start button etc but not other check/OK boxes would cause me to worry too. :(

Looking through your 1st post again, I noticed you haven't used GAV to scan yet?

Gladiator Anti-virus is a stand-alone virus scanner/trojan killer. It has found things on my PC that both McAfee and Norton were quite happy to leave to do their worst!!!.
It takes a while to load but scans really quickly, is fully customisable, skinnable, and free!!. (Realtime protection requires a donation to the author)

You can get it...HERE :D

I first found out about GAV here in these forums. GAV Thread

I now use it regularly, and is my "belt & braces" trusted option.
IMHO it kicks the butts of Norton & McAfee's offerings. Had 3 trojans found and removed that regular scanning with Norton had missed.
The updates are daily ...usually several times a day too :)


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My mouse was doing the exact same thing
randomly shooting across the screen to the task bar
it was also randomly scrolling

I just figured the mouse was screwed & bought a new one
problem solved


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It might be your mouse. Have you looked in your mouse to see if it is clean? Mouse these days are cheap. Find a second one and test it on your machine.


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yep wirelsess mouse, although I just replaced the batteries...

however as shortly afterwards my computer totally and utterly cratered I suspect something more sinister was afoot!

Almost back to normal now!



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Mouse OK, new batteries and I even re-synchronised it. The onlyt thing recently upgraded was the NVidia driver.

Upgraded to intellipoint 4.12, problem fixed!

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