standby mode



i cant get standby mode option in winxp...
i used to do it win98 though.....
can anyone please help..?

Also how do i make a bootdisk in winxp.....??
i wanna make a bootdisk so i can flash my bios, which might help my previous problem..

please help me

thank you (in advance)


if it isnt going into standby it is probably giving you an error. I have the same problem, it tells me my video card drivers need updated. whats yours telling you?

as far as a boot disk, really no need for one, the xp disk is bootoable. if you need one to update bios, just use a 9x/ME boot disk, it will be much faster (only 1 disk vs. 6 for XP). if you dont have a 9x boot disk download one at


still need help.....

hey guys
first of all
i dont have a standby mode option at all....
its not there on the shut down menu
all i have is hibernate,shut down & reset...

and when APM is enabled it just reboots....
but when i disable it
it actually shuts down but it doesn't power down...

and i just wanna make sure that an win98/Me boot disk will work for winxp.....
cause i really think updating my bios is the only option left here.

thanks for all the help d00ds.


i guess i would have to ask the simple question.... are you sure that a bios flash will fix it??? Just remember anytime you flash your bios, chances are good of making a "paper weight" even if your an experienced person doing it.


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If none of that works, try the BIOS flash, if there is an update avalible.



No Standby After updating drivers

I did a clean install of Windows XP Professional, after which I was easily able to put the computer in standby. However, after installing updates for my hardware, and much software, my computer no longer enters standby. I can hear, at least one, if not both my hard drives turn off, but the screen remains on with the preparing to standby status message up. Any ideas?

System Specs:
HP Pavilion 9860c, modified:
*New Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live Mp3+ 5.1 Dolby Digital
*New Video Card: All In Wonder Rage Pro 128 32 mb AGP 2x/4x,
running at 2x
Original Mobo: Asus P2vBt (HP Special), with VIA Apollo Pro Chipset (I believe)
Intel Pentium III 650 mhz
384 MB Ram (1 128 100 mhz, 1 256 133 mhz)
HP Ethernet Card
Lucent Wildwire DSL/V.90 56 k Modem
Samsung 8x/4x/32x CD Writer
Pioneer 8x DVD
Maxtor 40 GB 7200 RPM ATA 100
Maxtor 60 GB 5400 RPM ATA 100

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