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Standby and CD-Rom Issue



Hi all,

I use WinXP and I just noticed that when I return from Standby, XP no longer sees that I have a CD-Rom drive. It works fine before I go into it; it's just when I return no drive is listed in Explorer or in Devices. I am just guessing that when XP shuts off the power to my harddisks, it turns off power to the CD-ROM drive, and 'forgets' to turn it back on. I just got a new power supply to combat the crackling from the last one and this could be related to the new one. I do not feel like buying another power supply if this one works fine and going into Standby isn't crucial for me, I tend to just leave my computer on overnight and turn off the monitor without turning off my disks. If there is reason to turn off my disks, then I would, but if not, then I'll stay away from Standby.

Does anyone have any suggestions...either with Standby and my CD-Rom drive or whether it is necessary to turn off my disks regularly? ( I use a HP 9300+ and a ECS K7S5A mobo with a AMD 1700+)

Thanks a bunch.


When you come back from standby open control panel->system->Hardware->Device manager, and right click and scan for hardware changes, If your lucky the CD-rom will come back.


thanks for the reply but I do have the latest service pack so that isn't the problem. If I let XP turn off my disks after 30 min or whatever, everything is fine. It is just Standby which gives me the problem.

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