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Not at all...just do a search on google and the differences (if any) are minimal - and not always in favour of the more expensive card! I went for the Crucial R9700Pro and its bloody fantastic. Really very impressive. The only reason why you pay more for other brands is the fancy packaging, 'free' games etc. Crucial give you what you really want (the card) and charge you accordingly.


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Originally posted by Lockstock
Is there a vast difference in preformance between the
Standard Radeon 9700 pro's and the Hercules versions?
there is not much difference in the overall design if any... I believe gigabyte and tyan do make minute changes to allow for higher oc's without the 'chatter' that is inherent from oc'ing and the signals generated..

all in all no matter what version of the 9700pro you get... it should be more than adequate... how much it oc's is a different matter apparently.. the gigabyte and tyan ones oc the best AFAIK...


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hehe good....cos I was about to waste £50 on a Hercules.
Hercules = £274
Radeon Standard = 224

Teddy, where did you buy your 9700 pro from?

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