stand by gone awol


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ok i just realised that the standby button has gone awol (kinda)
when i click turn off computer i get the 3 option's but i can't click stand by, also this mean's i can't hibernate. any hepl plez:confused:

as usul screen shot atached.......


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Hi Henyman
(btw your desktop is much better now.)
I'm going to try and help you again. ;)
Try this:
Go to start -> Control panel -> Power management -> standby, and find the checkbox Enable standby. This should do the trick.

I translated the windows and tabs so the names can be different.

See screenshot for more info :D


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hmm... that's weird.

Try this program, you can find it here

I don't know if it works, because I never tried it, but it might do the job. :D
Let me know if it works ;)


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A question: has the standby tab been there once. I mean does your computer support the standby feature ?

Taken this from the M$ website:

If your computer won’t enter standby or hibernation, it may require updated drivers. Power management features, especially standby and hibernation, rely on device drivers that support power management in addition to compatible hardware. Incompatible video drivers prevent these features from working. The built-in VGA driver, for example, is a bare-bones driver that doesn’t support power management.

If standby and hibernate don’t work, install an updated driver for your display adapter.


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read this maybe it will help. Take notice of the line ...Note If the Hibernate tab is unavailable, your computer does not support this feature....


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yup it alway's used 2 work stand by + then hold down shit 2 get hibernate. hmm could this b goin back 2 uninstalling the driver:confused:


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Well then I think I have failed this time :( :( :(
I have no ideas anymore, the only thing I can think of is format and reinstall XP. :eek:


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:eek: u failed me....but,but....u never have........

i'm not goin 2 reformat 4 several reason's:
1) i don't no how
2) xp came pre installed wid no c.d
3)i can live without stand by/hibernate
4) there are lot's of valuble files + setting i don't wan't 2 loose
5) i'm goin 2 try downloadin a proper n vida driver rather than 1 xp think's work's cus i think that's the problem.

i'll let u no.....:(

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