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Spontaneous Network Combustion



Ok, well maybe not combustion, but it seems to have stopped working for no reason whatsoever... Goes like this:

Roommate and I are both running XP Pro, on freshly reformatted machines, on a network that has worked for quite a while... We both installed XP at (roughly) the same time, and our network worked with no problems whatsoever, until one day when it just up and stopped working altogether.


We can't see eachother in our workgroup

I had at first thought it was the firewall, but the network doesn't work with it disabled, either.

Since we couldn't share files over a network, we wound up using ICQ and/or Trillian to do it... Now on ICQ, we could transfer back and forth at speeds we could never get using basic networking, but with Trillian, I can only send to him...

I've switched the cords around in the hub a few times to no avail, and it's the fact that I've run out of ideas that has me posting here... Hopefully someone has one? :)

Anyhow, thanks for reading :)

(edit: how did I miss that half of the sentence...?)
This is about the speed: Make sure both computers are set to Half Duplex since you are sing a hub. Full Duplex will lower the performance. Automatic won't allways get it right.

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