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Spiderman 2 *Spoilers*



I saw Spiderman 2 on thursday morning.
I enjoyed it alot. Over all the film was great on action and special FX and the story was done much better than the first. It got a little whiney about his not having money and him longing for Mary Jane and how he dosent feel appreciated but that changed. Also there was some little cameos by some of Sam Rami's buds from his other films like Army of Darkness. Including a well place shot of a hand holding a chainsaw.
Doc Oct's character was a little bit under developed but over all for a comic book villian he was done well.
Mary Jane seems to have gone from nothingness in the first film to a model and actress in the second. Big leap IMO.
Aunt May went thru some crap with Doc Oct that I found a little much considering her age.
Peter Parker / Spiderman has some incredible strength which was a bit over the top.
But it is a comic book and needs to be 'enhanced'
Definately a worth seeing flick.

4 of 5 E-Punks
also agree - the first movie's CGI left a little to be desired, but the second's digital effects made me quite the happy nerd indeed.

BUT... at times, the writing made me cry. It did... but that is to be expected, I suppose - can't imagine Ingmar Bergman wanting to pick up a comic book and adapt it.

well executed, I'd say :)


The Analog Kid
I don't normally like effects laden blockbusters but I did actually enjoy this. I saw it last night, I was supposed to see Farenheit 9/11 but that was sold out and since we were already at the movie theater, why the hell not.

I love Sam Raimi, he is always able to add comedy into whatever he does. Let's just hope he finishes Spiderman 3 soon so he can work on Evil Dead 4 :)

I thought the effects blended well, the only thing I didn't like was the very last scene, flying thru the streets, that was way too over the top and cheesy effects looking.


Wise Beyond Youth
I saw the movie last night with my wife, and my father-in-law and I are about to go see it. I loved it. It seemed to be too much story at a few instances and lacking slightly with the action, but whenever there was action, it was ACTION! I could hardly follow what was going on because they just fought like some bad mamma jammas!

I give the movie 4 out of 5. The ending was a awkward for me. It just seemed that the order of scenes were a bit misplaced, but I was still thrilled with what I saw.

Spider-man 3... how I long for thee! Beware the return of the Green Goblin!!! (or maybe we'll see Venom *drool*)


my reviews of spiderman 2

Basically I agree with everyone here, the movie was great, went to watch a few hours ago. Absolutly liked it 4 of 5 just like everyone else. Only thing that didn't give it a 5 was some CGI stuff and different useless shots

Did you guys know that Stan Lee (creator of Spiderman) was in the movie, he was the guy dodging debris (as the credits states) lol

Go get Em' Tiger!!! :D

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Just got home from seeing it. The movie was pretty good itself.

It would have been nice if the incesant chatter boxes behind would have stopped for a breath of air sometime during the movie, or would have at least lowered their voices. But that was them, not the movie...

The only thing I can think of with the ending is that they were setting the stage for Spiderman 3, and yes the green goblin will probably be back. Or perhaps, a clone of him or something :eek:


Wise Beyond Youth
MC82, in case you didn't know (probably did), he's also in Spider-man, X-men, and the Hulk. Not sure if he's in Daredevil, but I doubt it. One thing to note, Stan the Man is a hero on film also, because he saved a person in both Spidey films from pieces of a building falling on them, go figure?!


oh now i remember where he was in the movie, the part where he pushed a person out of the way from the brick that was falling off a building cus of doc oct. yah i know he was in hulk and xmen, didnt know he was in the first spidey movie.

Son goku, yah the green goblin comes back, its all in the comics, im just not sure about whether hes still the green goblin or the Hob goblin (same as green goblin but orange.) can anyone clear that up for me?


Wise Beyond Youth
MC82: the Hobgoblin was in the cartoon. Comic? Never read them so I don't know. Back when the first film came out, I spoke with someone who was familiar with the comics and he said, "Who's that?" He was very much part of the series when it played on Fox on Saturday mornings because it was portrayed by Pete's best friend, Harry Osborn. They'll either have the return of the Green Goblin, or have someone who appears to be like him, yet looks slightly different (orange, not green). My gut feeling is that it'll be Green Goblin and create a huge turmoil between Peter and Harry because Peter knows who the green meany was and who his son is. However, I do not believe (once again, a gut feeling) that <insert_name> $+? Goblin will be the only villian. There are several possibilities.

And Stan the Man was in the first when a huge chunk of rock fell from where the Oscorp board were incinerated; his face does a quick back-and-forth look as the chunk falls and he quickly grabs a kid to run like heck. It's a precious millisecond of screen time, enough to say, :eek: "That's Stan The MAN!"


Act your wage.
Political User
I enjoyed this better than the first. I also noticed though how the sequencing of the last few scenes was a bit odd. Normally, movies end within 5-7 minutes of the climax's conclusion, but this one didn't. I understood the need to wrap up a few things and foreshadow for the next installment though.

4/5 OSNN Stars


F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
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this was indeed a good movie :)

it was better than I expected it to be and the character development and relative plot-lines were good and well followed through


there were a couple of loosey goosey items though... peter's aunt and her mannerisms when she was packing her stuff and he arrived there, it seemed a little odd and while I understand what she said it seemed a bit weird..

the other thing was his sudden loss of spidey powers and then just as suddenly getting them back... no where that I can recall in the comics or elsewhere are his powers somehow related to mary-jane nor do i recall the powers fading in and out... perhaps with his daughter they did but not IIRC peter parker so that didn't make any sense :)

I had expected the green goblin2 (hobgoblin or whatever you want to call him) to be in this movie... instead they move it to the 3rd which is not entirely a bad thing...

otto octavius was played well and his character was reasonably well fleshed out but unlike the green goblin he was absent for vast swathes of the movie.. considering the talent of the actor it seemed un-necessary :)

keep in mind I am reaching here :) the movie was indeed well put together and I don't have many qualms :)

btw.. did you guys/gals notice a raimi fav from the past :D bruce campbell in the flick :cool:

"good ash, bad ash, I'm the one with the gun"

there was also a star-trek : voyager guy in there (ok so he was only in one episode) which made it kewl :D

nice movie all around...

4/5 OSNN stars...
Hob Goblin IS the Green goblins son.
That will be who Harry is. They cant change it.
I noticed Stan and Bruce the doorman as well. Bruce Cambell the man.
But did you people realise that the professor at peter parkers college that goes on at him about his work has only one arm I belive.
Anyone smell Doc Croc as well ;)
I mostly watched the cartoon. Different generation and the hole of a place called shetland where I am from did not stock many comics. Just the dandy etc.
Very nice movie, indeed. I loved it from the beginning til the end. Mentioning the good points about this movie would be very difficult, due to them being so many.

I do want to point out on some of the bad (or maybe just "not good") parts of the movie.

1) This is mentioned above, but again... how is Spiderman so strong? His incredible Superman-like strength is shown in the train stopping scene, which I thought was quite unfitting for spiderman. He isn't supposed to be Hulk or Superman. :confused:

2) What's with the Green Goblin comeback hints at the end of the movie? I sure hope GG doesn't come back... please don't. Let it be Venom!


F@H - Is it in you?
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Electronic Punk said:
which voyager guy?

and hobgoblin is goblins son right?
and use spoiler tags :D
yah... he's the son :)

the guy who was in voyager was in an episode called Blink of an Eye... voyager was trapped over a planet in a temporal field or something or other :D

he was in it just for that episode but he did a decent job...


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