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speedin up a pokie CD-rom



Hi Gang:
I've had this problem since since I bought CD-rom.
I've got a Lite-on CD-RW, I also have a kenwood True-x 52x CD-rom.
The CD-RW is master (1st on the cable) and the ROM is 2nd.
My problem is sometimes MSExplore doesn't see the CD-ROM drive and I can't make them switchable in the sense that a graphics or game program using the CD-RW as a read ROM one time won't pick up the CD if I load it in the CD-ROM the next time.
Also sometimes running the CD-ROM slows my system down to nada. screen freeze the whole 9yards and I gotta reboot to get out.
I've tried to switch Master/Slave and the CD-RW behaved as the ROM did as Slave.

any suggestions?


I'm sorry Hal...
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try putting the drives on seperate channels.

also some games will only run from the drive they where installed from, regardless if the CD is in an another drive


I've tried to switch Master/Slave and the CD-RW behaved as the ROM did as Slave
by this do you mean that sometimes the system dosent see the cd-rw when it is set as slave? When you set the cd-rw as slave did you also change its position on the cabel? if so you may have a bad ribbon cable.


what I think it is..my system is none too fond of having 2 CD devices in 1 box. I think its some switch I haven't thrown in XP yet.

I just havta find it.


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so long as you have your cable setup right and the master/slave relationship is set right you should have no prbs..

make sure that one device is a master and one is a slave and that the jumpers @ the back are properly inserted in the appropriate places...

if all else fails move one of the devices from one IDE/ATAPI channel to the next... and use it there...

alternatively there may be something inherently wrong with your cdrom player... perhaps you can TRY to use it in another rig and see if it spews out the same problems...


I thought about it being the CD-rom drive True-X technology got initial rave reviews then Kenwood discontinued the line. (probably `cause roms only..well rom) hey, I only paid $20 shipped brand new ITB. Alone, it does scream. this happened to me on another unit (AMD400/256ram/18gighd/TNT2-32mb) but I stuck in a SCSI ROM (w/card)and it went away. I did play with an IDE pci card (promise X2) and thot about putting the CD devices on that but,.. it's got it's own boot thing goin on and it was slow but I kept that option open. I just can't think of anything I'm missing..

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