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Specific screensaver request....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
This is posted here because I need the following under Linux primarily... though I guess and XP one could hold some interest since it may port !if source etc is available!) anyway; I have a particular preference, if there is anything out there, for a screensaver that will give me a countdown - stop watch - or hourglass (anything will do)....

Point is I would just like a configurable time period in the screensaver that it counts down or up to, starting from when it activates. At that point it could either restart or pass along to another screensaver - what comes next is irrelevant.

To be clear I do NOT want anything that counts down to Christmas or to any other far away time, this is for minutes/hours, not even days. Need to run it under Ubuntu for what that is worth.

Anyone know of anything? I KNOW this is POSSIBLE - so if there is no reply I may be forced to head into the world of coding one... (in which case it will be cheap and nasty!)

Look forward to hearing what you folks may know of out there...

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