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Does anyone know if there are any good sounding speakers, meaning at least 4.1 sound, that are loud, over 40 watts each, and do not have a subwoofer? Or least have an option to turn it off? The thing gives people I live with a nightmare, you can hear it through walls and then some. And then they complain. And complain. And complain. And its annyoing!

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Mine is set up this way:
Cable coming from line out, splits into two. One for the speakers, one for the headphones. I rarely have my speakers turned on. I don't bother others & they can't bother me. :D


you can't get 4.1 without subwoofer.. because that .1 means sub. if you only want a good 4 channel sound system. Depends how good you want... but a good idea is NOT to buy computer speakers. and buy a Stereo instead then hook it on your computer. This should provide you very good sound ( Also depends on what stereo and sound card you got) another way is to buy an Amplifier for large speakers. a cheap one will do a reasonably good job for computers. but if you can't play too loud then anything is the same..
Sorry, my bad. With the 4.1 thing. I have a sound blaster live 5.1, and pretty much, I'm a music junkie. Have over 10000 mp3 files, and yes, all downloaded on a 56k connection. :::Shows signs of insanity ::: I want very good sound. My music is pretty much always playing loud anyway, just the subwoofer is what is annyoing. So you're suggesting that I go out, get a nice stereo system and hook it up to my pc? Could someone tell me how I might do that?


does you sound card has SPIF or optical output? that's would be eaiser and can get better sound out of it... if it doesn't, I will reply you again with the correct config..
No, no optical output. I am not sure what spif is, but I think i dont have it either. i know the card has a line out though.


ok... go and crab a 5.1 channel Amplifier.. any cheap one will do if you are not seriously into computer DVD. (usually not a good idea to buy the cheapest ****) Buy 2 big front speakers 3 channels or more on each speakers. the surround speakers (rear) doesn't have to be so big. One channel will do or 2 channel if you are really into it. then grab a mid range.. if you don't like sub. you don't have to buy it. Now you will have a pretty good computer sound system. GOod for Gaming, playing DVDs, and MP3 for sure. if you have money, better buy better equiments . (eg. AMplifier and speakers) and maker sure you will buy the correct cable for your new toy.
Hmm. Loud music + complaining people...
I'd get some really good headphones instead. Probably cheaper than speakers as well. Wireless if you want to move around. Up to 100m with radio headphones I think.


Headphone is not a bad option either in this situation... depends what you want... have fun!!
Wireless sounds cool, but... I think it might make something in my head go a pop if I listen to it how I listen to my music always. Then again, for late night stuff, that sounds like a pretty cool alternative. Thanks. Oh and Catch...since you 're the one with the stereo...or just about anyone else that can answer. Say I get a stereo system, and connect my pc to that, I would have to have a line in on my stereo, and a line out on my sound card, but, where would I get a cable long enough for that?


depends how long you want it and what cable your stereo use... (for most stereo) the adapter would usually be RCA for the stereo.. then your computer output will need a converter to convert your computer output to two RCAs, one for right channel and one for left. I don't think you can get a very long cable for the converter but you can make a RCA cable as long as you like... just go to a shop and buy those RCA connectors and some appropriate cable. if you don't know how to make it. ask the guy in the shop... it should be easy enough to learn in 2 minutes... have Fun..


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so what are you REALLY looking for then?

something to play music?

catch23 has the best solution... he gone done what my mate gone done... got an amp and wired everything through it...

my mate has his vcr/dvd player/tv/computer all hooked up to connct to his speakers and it works like a dream...

I have creative labs inspire 4400... work very well... much better than a lot of 5.1 rigs I have seen costing a lot more..

I tested before I bought it... overall poweroutput in watts is not perhaps as much as say a klipsch setup.. which rock by the way... but I get good base and excellent emulation for dvd's... good enough for me really...

plus the remote is an added bonus :)

lots of 4.1 rigs out there... make sure before buying a 5.1 a lot of good 4.1's out there and outperform sound output of crummy 5.1's

beter to get a good 4.1 than a shyte 5.1

if money no problem get a top of line klipsch or altec lansing or creative solution...
What exactly do I want? What paul said, thats a good suggestion, but not quite that. I pretty much am right now thinking of getting a nice stereo, and hooking up my pc to that. But I'm a bit confused on the whole amp thing. You mean like a guitar amp? And if you were going to connect your pc to your stereo, why do you need an amp at all? I'm a bit confused. can someone send me link of what the amp thinger looks like


If you are going to hook it up to your stereo then you probably won't need an amp at all.... An Amplifier is a machine that will enlarge your input signal so you can hear your original sound louder!! You know your computer output sound is limited to you will need amp to enlarge the signal. In your stereo, there is an amp built-in so there is no need to buy a seperate amp.... but if you want to... you can always make your sound louder...
here is a sample picture of what an amp looks like... you can read the specifications if you want.. http://www.usa.denon.com/catalog/photo.asp?s=home&p=PMA-2000MkIV+R&f=pma200+front.jpg&c=9

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