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speaker problem


ok i just installed a soundblaster live! 5.1 card in my machine and it has decided that it only wants 2 speakers + the subwoofer to work.

whe i test in the creative program i get all the audio
front right/left
rear right/left

but every program on my pc is only using 2 + sub..

i have tried changing speaker setup in control panel, messing around with the leads and which socket they go into and i have disabled my onboard sound.

when i run creative diagnostics it says
"hardware detection Fail"
and then it quits. (it is inserted right)

im on XP pro sp2

any ideas??


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
maybe try another PCI slot - always worth a shot - did you disable on board before installing? sometimes the sequence of things matters. I am assuming all appears well in Device Manager?


Try my computer>control panel>sounds and audio devices> in speaker settings hit advanced, select your speakers from the speaker setup drop down menu.
yeah all appears well in device manager and yeah i have tried selecting my speakers in the control panel.

i will try another pci slot when i get home and let you know.....


Only other suggestion I can think of is remove all software for your card, then use M$ drivers for the card and then just reinstall the software and deselecting using the drivers just the other features.

I have a creative card, sound blaster player 1024 live! I use M$ drivers works fine.

I did this as after installing the software, tried to use web update at creative.com and it told me I don't even have a creative product installed :angry:

Only other thing I can thing of, is an instance with myself was that a speaker didn't work, so i removed the drivers, reinstalled em and it worked o.k. again.


Mentally Absent
he said they worked for the test right? maybe he doesnt have the programs that he is using set up to use all four speakers, like games and the like. if they worked for the test, i would assume installation was ok, it was just that software was messed up and not set up correctly.
dreamliner77 said:
try the KX Project drivers
i love you

small problem tho, mic aint working,

im getting masses of feedback from my mic and when i tap or speak into it, the sound comes out my center speaker

anyone know anything bout settings for this (windoze cant find my mic)



Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I am guessing you need to mute your mic - if you bring up your audio volume controls on full is there not such a setting? I am no expert on fancy speakers and the KX drivers though, so you may have to wait for the one you love he he ;) I just know about feedback and if you can stop your mic coming out the speaker that should fix it I guess.... either that or I guess you'll have to cut volume right back to use the mic?

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