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speaker mode keeps resetting

ok, so i have klipsch promedia 4.1 speakers, which are surround sound 5.1 speakers. you can set what kind of speakers you have by going to control panel> sounds and audio devices> advanced> select from drop down menu. now, it keeps resetting to desktop stereo speakers, which only play out of 2 of my speakers rather than 4. i can set it to the 5.1 surround sound, and it works fine, but then i can play music and windows sounds fine, but when i launch a game or restart, the windows setting gets bumped down to the desktop stereo speakers, and my gaming experience is lessened =( any ideas?
thx in advance

Gus K

NTFS abuser
What sound card you using? Have you tried setting it in it's app? Is the game sound settings set up properly? Just one game or all?
it works fine in most games i've tried except for the planetside beta...which is the only thing i play right now =P & it is set correctly in game, but it also resets itself every time i restart the comp. it's a soundblaster audigy x-gamer. i have had endless problems with the app it came with, so i dont use it any more.
that happens to me too...I have Creative Inspire 5200 5.1 Speakers with a Soundblaster Live! 5.1 card....I set it to 5.1 Speakers like you do but when I play Links 2003 and then quit the game and come back to windows...its set back to desktop speakers.


I had that problem too with my Audiology Plat. So, I used CL's program to set the speakers and it worked from there. I also may have updated the drivers too. It's been like 7 months since I fixed that problem, so it's a bit vague in my memory.

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