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13 Mar 2004
I'm getting a new speaker. But i dunno which one should i get.

I mostly watch movies and play games.

The 2 speaker are

Logitech Z5300 and Creative Megaworks 550. Both are THX
I would go for the creative ones, they have always been a solid make when it comes to sound devices.
I will second that. In that price range, the Creatives sound better.
I got a set of the 550's at Christmas. I had to RMA them with in the first 30 days and got a new set, and now they are again off to Creative to be fix. They sound good when they work.

More than likely I just unlucky and got a couple of bad sets. I am hoping that all will be better when they come back from Creative.
I would go for the logitech ones...simply because i own the Z-680's and the are incredible.

I had creative before (the SoundWorks 3500 i think they were called)..they were ok.
I Have Had Creative Twice. My First ones were good just for music but i wanted more so i got the Inspire T5400 5.1 Surround Sound. They r awsome...wish i had more bass tho. The subwoofer is only like 22 Watts RMS. I saw these one speakers at Best Buy that cost $400. The Subwoofer alone was like the size of a my 17in computer screen.

Anyway...get Creative!!!!
Logitech & Creative labs are both good. The new Creative Labs ones thought are more metal than plastic like the Logitech's so go with Creative :) I got the 5.1's so :p
CrazyBoyS said:
The new Creative Labs ones thought are more metal than plastic like the Logitech's so go with Creative :) I got the 5.1's so :p

So what advantage does metal have over plastice when it comes to speakers?
I wouldn't touch anything by Creative with a 10 foot pole.

I was really pissed when they bought Cambridge Soundworks. Quality went downhill rapidly.
I have the logitech z5300 speakers i like them. they put out good sound can get my house shaking at about half way up...small house though. anyway i got mine for only $150 from amazon.com which looks to be $100 less than the creative ones. Also logitech rates there speaker wattage diffrent than creative unless creative changed there rating system so you should read some reviews on the 2 of them.
I personally have klipsch... absolutely awesome for games and movies
toretto said:
I personally have klipsch... absolutely awesome for games and movies

Dooooh! You just played the trump card! I have the ProMedia 5.1 speakers (not the crappy GMX ones), and they are the ultimate in crisp, clear sound with the richest bass you could ever dream of.

If you can shell out $360 USD, do it!
same here, it kills abount anything else, i will only upgrade when they come out with the 6.1 setup
the megaworks or gigaworks sets are lovely... either would do the jobbie...

logitech also makes excellent speakers but if you want truly high end with wde spectrum of sound get either creative or klipsch... logitech has good bass but with treble the other two spank it silly...
altec lansing
craziest speakers i've heard
i myself
got a 2.1 set
but in school i made speakers
2 of em
they too were supplied by altec lansing lol dont know how that happened just did the teacher ordered them for us $5 for a speaker AWSOME SOUND
in a box n all too
opened up my altec lansing speaker sub
and hooked up the onez i made to that
lol i have it behind my desk closed off in a corner and trust me that thing makes the house vibrate
Ok this is gettin funny we have more names of manufactures comming out all over the place.

As for speakers Wood has the BEST sound if you know about building boxes for cars and such.

You want a sweet set you gotta buy from a home audio place period. Pay out of the butt but meh you want true sound then u have to pay for it.

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