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SP2 Security Center Slows Down Computer


OSNN One Post Wonder
Ok. I reformated whole computer using a Windows XP w/ SP2 integrated cd. I reinstalled everything. While I was using the computer certain things I do would make the computer totally freeze for a good 5-10 seconds. I can still move the mouse but everything else would not be clickable.

I was able to reproduce this everytime by doing the following:

1.) Reset the computer.
2.) Open up My computer and go to a folder with alot of files and folders. Right click on the window.

This causes this freezing to happen. I checked the task manager to see what was operating last when it happened.

I found out the problem is with McAfee VirusScan On-Access Scan. It is the program that scans files as it is ran by the computer. I uninstall it and everything works smoothly. I reinstall it and the problem comes back. I disable it and everything runs smoothly. Enable it and the problem comes back. I did not have this problem before Service Pack 2.

I am assuming the problem is with the Windows Security Center's Virus Protection. It keeps tabs on the virus scanner to make sure it is operating and it hangs up the computer.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Good call. I just checked and couldn't find anything related to it. I am using McAfee VirusScan 7 which I got through a download from my college.

After coming here and seeing so many problems with Service Pack 2, I wonder if it is wise for people to upgrade so soon. :confused:
I guess it depends on individual system configurations. SP2 has been a great update for me (as it has been for many others), and hasn't managed to break any of my installed apps.

To confirm or rule out the possibility that Security Center is the cause, try disabling the Security Center service (Start>Run>services.msc), then restart the machine, and see if the freezes occur again.
I just got the WMI update for Norton AntiVirus on my Desktop machine which I am using to test SP2 before deploying it on my network. Oh how I miss BSD, well I will be back to it in a week or so :D

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