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SP2 Graphics Issue (probably advanced!)


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Since installing SP2 I've been having some consistant problems with World of Warcraft. Quite probably other games too - not tried too many since - but there's nothing specific on the WoW support forums.

The problem begins as flickering and then quickly grows to the full screen blurring into a mass of random colour. It can only be disabled by changing some setting seemingly at random. (I have default settings and now just keep pressing default. It reloads each time and then eventually - at random - the problem will stop temporarily until next login.)

I have a Nvida GForce FX5500 graphics card, and I have tried updating and reinstalling drivers after installing SP2. When I used rollback to before SP2, the problem was fixed. I have the NView thingy too, but haven't changed any settings on it.

It may have something to do with one of these settings (hopefully someone here will know more about them than me): trilinear filtering, anti-aliasing, multisampling and anisotropic filtering. Nview has options for each of these, I thought maybe that might help.
SP2 should be slipstreamed into the xp install and a clean install performed with that disk. Under no circumstances should you install SP2 any other way.

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