SP1, Windows Update, and invalid product keys


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Now that Service Pack 1 is officially available for download from Microsoft, I'm curious about the validity of all the rumors that have been circulating around. Now I realize that it might be too soon to already know what Microsoft has actually done concerning this release, but I figure some answers might be surfacing soon. Here are some of the rumors/opinions that I'd like to see addressed:

-->Windows Update will not allow updates to be downloaded on machines with invalid product keys.
-->Installation of SP1 on an XP machine with an invalid key will freeze/disable/render Windows useless.
-->Installation of SP1 will work fine for 3 days on a machine with an invalid key, then the S.W.A.T. team will show up at your door and force you to eat a pirated copy of WinXP and then purchase a legal version.
-->Nothing changes. Microsoft simply tried to scare users into buying legal copies, but won't do anything because they can't even keep up with repairs for current software holes, much less have the resources to effectively fight piracy.

Side Note: For the record, I actually own a legit installation of WinXP... I'm sure someone would have brought it up. :p

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The S.W.A.T are here , The S.W.A.T are here.
quick hide the Ilegal copy and format the HD.
I'm going to jump out of the window then remember there is no SWAT in Israel.................. S**t they have a tank............


Good thread, unfortunately, everyone is asking these same questions and no one has any real answers yet. It has all been speculation.

It's the waiting game, just sit back and see what happens. If they block updates, you know someone is going to come up with a way around it eventually.

Also, I am reading a lot of posts where people are having problems and issues with programs, graphic cards, etc after installing.

I am not installing sp1 yet, just waiting, waiting.



As I see it only 2 keys are being rejected, notably the FCKGW keys that were provided by DevilsOwn. The other crap that's being said about M$ altering the keys for Corp editions is bogus. SP1 works fine on a pirated copy of WinXP, with the serial generated by the key-gen made by the group Blue List.

I have tested it myself, with a key-gen key, and the SP installs fine. I will test it further this week to see if other calamities occur but I really don't think there'll be some. M$ is just trying to scare people and can't live up to it's words.

And yes, I have a legit copy of XP, I only changed keys because I wanted to know if all the fuss was real.

BTW, it's pretty useless to try and find this key-gen because all the linked sites that supposedly have them are down. It took me more that 3 hours to find the darn thing and I know how to search the web. Probably the site I got it from is down too.


would it be great that if you had the devils own installed and all you have to do is reinstall (without format) with a legit copy of xp....save your settings,no reload of software and you can use sp1...hmm wonder if that would work??!!


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Originally posted by Stiertje
BTW, it's pretty useless to try and find this key-gen because all the linked sites that supposedly have them are down. It took me more that 3 hours to find the darn thing and I know how to search the web. Probably the site I got it from is down too.
Actually NO... there is. It took me 15 mins. I'm not gonna tell either. And I have everything needed to generate and view. And if I wanted setup SP1 on a "BAD" XP install. And NO I am NOT gonna give it to anyone.

And My XP is Legit.
I just like saving interesting proggies. Ya never know...


Hmn, I must have been sleepy then :) Or Gonaads is just a detective in diguise :p

And yes, there is a way to alter your serial information in an already installed version of Windows XP.


Its a site thats all. They can look if they want, I thought.

Sorry bout that then.




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Don't give them the site...
Just say, "It's out there, go and look for it".
Not, "It's out there, here's the site. Go and look for it". :rolleyes: :D

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