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SP 2 Slipstream : New slant


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Have found two real problems when reinstalling from XP Pro Slipstream.
Installed correctly, but ..........

1) Many of the installation files from existing Hardware/ software cds cannot be recognised, thus making driver re installations for general hardware rather tricky.

No problem with normal XP Pro CD without slipstream loaded.

2) XP Pro "ASR" did not work ... instead of recovering backup as usual, it formatted all 9 partitions from 3 h/ds including one with backup secured !
Then asked where the correctly nominated backup was !

Now have backup also on DVD RW just in case.
Anyone had similar problems ?
I slipstreamed and did a fresh install and it is working like a dream.

Before that I had XP with SP1 installed. I downloaded the full SP2 patch and installed and it was playing up like a bitch.

Don't take this the wrong way but are you sure the slipstream worked???

Hope you get your probs sorted


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Yes 100% sure of the slipstream......tried and tested several times.
As I mentioned it actually installed correctly.

Have reverted back to installation with Pro + SP2 added afterwards.

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No problems using the slipstreamed sp2 on a clean install for me. Have you had a look for more updated drivers ready to load with the fresh install?


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Im keeping a copy of Pro and Home slipstreamed in the HDD. I have a folder that I named OEM Drivers that I add the drivers into, for whatever computer I am building. Then I can give the customer a copy if they need to re-install anything.


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Hipster Doofus said:
No problems using the slipstreamed sp2 on a clean install for me. Have you had a look for more updated drivers ready to load with the fresh install?
Yes I always run up to date drivers on all hardware and restored from ASR Backup when necessary.
However this time decided to load direct from XP SP2 slipstream and the initial drivers from EOM cds as starting point prior to updating, could not be loaded due to Windows failing to initialise the setup procedures.( Very odd)
Did get them working manually, later.
These were mainly printer/scanner/sound drivers that had always loaded first time before.(Yes the Cds/Drives were readable)
Had other problems such as TweakUI Picture resizer not working and an old Dos game that worked with SP2 loaded separately. together with Sun Java intermittently working.
Am now working without slipstream and touch wood none of these problems are present ( same hardware drivers loaded)

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